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At Aruba Shop for LED, light fixture, chandelier, pendant lighting, outdoor lighting, pole and area lighting, ceiling fans, luxury furniture. All for interior design.

+297 565 6144 arubaconcept@gmail.com

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We advise you in the amount of light and type of fixtures for your project. We run a software to calculation.

Our office

Ponton 67B, Unit 4,
Oranjestad, Aruba

Phone: +297 565 6144 / 5869530
Email: arubaconcept@gmail.com

Office USA

404 Conceps LLC,
Miami, FL USA

Phone: (786) 7811951
Email: anaisabella77@gmail.com


404 Concepto Arquitectónico,
Zona Industrial Los Curos. Galpón B11, Mérida

Phone: (274) 2712056
Email: arubaconcept@gmail.com